Cabo Green Power

 • Native English speakers

 • Grid-tied and off-grid specialists

 • Safe, aesthetically pleasing installations

 • Custom engineered solutions for battery backup


Serving San Jose del Cabo, Cabo San Lucas, Todos Santos and the East Cape

Cabo Green Power 405W panels
Cabo Green Power 34 panels
Solar San Jose del Cabo - Cabo Green Power

We specialize in the following systems:

Grid-tied or “Zero Export”

Grid-tied w/battery backup

Off-grid w/generator backup

Grid-tied or zero-export
Grid-tied solar with battery backup
Off-grid solar by Cabo Green Power


air conditioner
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Save thousands of dollars

Use your a/c all day

Feel good about clean solar energy

Why choose Cabo Green Power?

          • Prompt, professional installation
          • Installed according to US NEC standards
          • Aesthetically pleasing design and implementation
          • Top of the line equipment from U.S.A., Canada & Mexico
          • 25-year warranty on all solar panels 
          • Native English-speakers for better communication

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