LG logo

International electronics manufacturer LG makes fantastic solar panels.  Here in Mexico, they currently offer their 360W monocrystalline panel.  These panels are attractive and very well constructed to handle the elements.  Their products come with a 25-year power production warranty.  

LG-Solar Mono-X

Canadian Solar is another company with a long history of making quality products.  There are thousands of these panels installed locally demonstrating that they can withstand all the heat and storms that we face.  They also come with a 25-year power production warranty.

Solar panel San Jose del Cabo
Axitec logo

Axitec is a German company that makes excellent panels at an affordable price.  We currently have 300W and 330W Axitec panels available for installation.  They offer a 25-year power production warranty.

Axitec 330W solar panel

We also offer solar panels from these manufacturers:

Trina solar panels
JA Solar panels
SMA logo

SMA is considered one of the top inverter makers in the world.  Their equipment can be found in large commercial arrays and homes around the world.  While microinverters are often a better fit for residential installations, we recommend these for our large commercial installations.

Outback power
Radian 8048A Solar Inverter

Outback inverters are great for off-grid and battery-backup systems.  They are very robust inverters with a long history of reliability.  Many folks in Baja have had their Outback equipment for over 20 years and it’s still going strong!  If you live in town and would like to be connected to the grid, possibly a generator and batteries for storms and power outages, you can’t beat this system.  Please see our battery section for battery options.

enphase logo
Enphase iq7

Enphase is considered the new gold-standard when it comes to microinverters.  With this technology a microinverter is needed for every solar module/panel on your roof.  But it immediately converts the DC (Direct Current) to AC (Alternating Current)  and eliminates the need for a traditional inverter like the ones seen above.  This also increases reliability because if one panel quits functioning or is completely shaded, this panel is skipped and the rest of the system continues to function.  Using microinverters will also allow you to add-on to your system as your budget allows or your needs increase.

discover-battery logo
Discover 6.6kWh

Discover makes Lithium Iron Batteries (LFP) that are far superior to Lithium Ion.  They are safer because they don’t suffer from “thermal runaway”, which is a nice way of saying that they won’t overheat or catch on fire.  Each of these batteries is roughly equivalent to one Tesla Powerwall in its storage capacity (6.6kWh).    They can be connected in parallel and provide you with virtually unlimited backup power.  They’re 1/3 the weight of flooded lead-acid batteries, provide more cycles and come with a 10-year warranty.

Simpliphi logo
Simpliphi 3.8kWh battery

Simpliphi makes great Lithium Iron Batteries (LFP) that don’t suffer from thermal runaway.  They are a great modular battery system with each battery providing 3.8kWh of backup power.  The batteries come with a built-in battery management system (BMS), are maintenance-free and don’t off-gas like flooded lead-acid batteries.  They are rated for 10,000 cycles and come with a 10-year warranty.

Rolls Surrette Battery logo
Surrette S-550

Rolls batteries are labeled either Rolls or Surrette.  Either way they are an excellent flooded lead-acid battery manufactured in Canada and now available here in Mexico.  The S-480 and the S-550 are the most requested.  All batteries are special order and we can usually get them to you within 10 days.  These batteries require checking the fluid levels, equalization and proper ventilation since, unlike lithium, they off-gas when charging.

Trojan batteries image
Trojan batteries

Trojan Batteries are also an excellent choice for flooded lead-acid batteries.  This American company has been making batteries since 1925!  These batteries are used all over the world for renewable energy systems and they are a great product for backing up the energy your solar system has produced.  All batteries are special order and we can usually get them to you within 10 days.    

Ecosun logo
Eco Sun Solar Collector

Heating your pool can quickly turn into one of your biggest expenses.  But solar pool heaters can save you a small fortune by using the Baja sun to heat your pool.  The Ecosun panels or collectors accomplish all of this without ANY electricity.  They are well constructed and we have customers locally who had their first set for 20 years!