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Trina solar panels
Trina Solar 500W solar panel

Trina solar is one of the largest producers of solar panels in the world.  They have continued to implement newer technologies to boost efficiency and make ever larger capacity panels.  They are offering panels well over 500W.  During 2024, we will be able to provide you with Trina panels ranging from 425W to 570W depending on your needs and available space.  They come with a 25-year production warranty.

Canadian solar mono PERC solar panel

Canadian Solar is another company with a long history of making quality products.  There are thousands of these panels installed locally demonstrating that they can withstand all the heat and storms that we face.  They also come with a 25-year power production warranty.  During 2024 we will be able to offer you capacities beginning at 550W Mono PERC panels.

We also offer solar panels from these manufacturers:

JA Solar panels
axitec solar logo
Sol-Ark logo
Sol-Ark inverter


Sol-Ark is a Texas-based inverter company that has taken the solar industry by storm.  They have revolutionized inverter technology in the past decade.  Their inverters are all-in-one units with built-in charge controllers capable of supporting more solar panels.  They are more powerful than many of the inverters on the market their models ranging from 5000 watts to 15,000 watts of output power!  These inverters are a great choice for grid-tied, hybrid (connected to the grid but also having battery backup) and completely off-grid systems.

Victron inverters and charge controllers

Founded in the Netherlands in 1975, Victron is now a worldwide leader in inverter and change controller technology.  They are great for small off-grid systems and retrofitting components into existing systems.  These are also a good choice for locations next to the ocean.

Outback power
Outback radian inverter w/FM100 charge controllers

Outback inverters have a long history of reliability.  Many folks in Baja have had their Outback equipment for over 20 years and it’s still going strong!  We have been working with Outback equipment for almost a decade so we know all the ins-and-outs of this equipment.  These inverters are more suitable for mid-sized systems but can work both off-grid and as hybrid systems.

EG4 logo
  • EG4 LL lithium battery
  • EG4 full rack of LL lithium batteries
  • EG4 all-weather lithium battery
  • EG4 wall-mount indoor lithium-iron battery


EG4 has burst onto the solar storage scene in the last decade with some great products at increasingly affordable prices.  They offer lithium-iron (LFP) batteries which are the safest in the industry and come with incorporated fire-suppression technology.  They are much more efficient to charge and require zero maintenance!  EG4 now offers rack-mounted and wall mounted options, including one that can be installed outdoors.  If you’re tired of maintaining lead-acid batteries, now is the time to upgrade to lithium-iron.

Fortress Power logo
Fortress Power eFlex 5.4kWh lithium battery
Fortress Power eVault 18.5kWh

Fortress makes Lithium Iron Batteries (LFP) that are safer than lithium-ion because they don’t suffer from “thermal runaway”, which is a nice way of saying that they won’t overheat or catch on fire.  They can be connected in parallel and provide you with virtually unlimited backup power.  They’re 1/3 the weight of flooded lead-acid batteries, provide more cycles and come with a 10-year warranty.  Choose from either the eFlex 5.4 which as the name implies has a storage capacity of 5.4kWh or the eVault which provides 18.5kWh of storage.  Both of these batteries are essentially maintenance-free since you don’t have to check fluid levels.

Simpliphi logo
Simpliphi 3.8kWh battery

Simpliphi makes great Lithium Iron Batteries (LFP) that are highly efficient and reliable.  They are a great modular battery system with each battery providing 3.8kWh of backup power.  The batteries come with a built-in battery management system (BMS), are maintenance-free and don’t off-gas like flooded lead-acid batteries.  They are rated for 10,000 cycles and come with a 10-year warranty.  These batteries are also maintenance-free.