cabogreenpower 38 panel Puerto Los Cabos
cabogreenpower 38 panel

Puerto Los Cabos

This is a 38 panel installation located in Puerto Los Cabos.  For a long time many homeowner’s associations wouldn’t allow solar panels because they were considered “unsightly”.  But we are seeing more acceptance of solar technology since the panels don’t require a steep angle here on the Baja due to our lattitude.  This particular system was mounted flat with 20 panels on a roof and 18 more on a pergola (lattice-like covering).  This is a 9.9 kilowatt system and can produce as much as 50 kilowatts per day.

cabogreenpower 30 panel racking
cabogreenpower 30 panel

East Cape

This 30 panel solar installation was completely off-grid as there’s no CFE on this part of the East Cape.  The Suntech panels were paired with an Outback inverter and Outback charge controllers.  This fed a Trojan battery bank with a large 16kW generator for backup.  As you can see in the photos, the panels were placed on a slight angle to maximize power production and to minimize the build-up of dust, often called “soiling”.

cabogreenpower 18 panel


This project in Finisterra uses existing south facing roofs with a 30 degree angle.  Although some shading affects the production, overall system production is still very good and the homeowner was able to maximize the system size.  This system uses 18 Suniva panels rated at 275 watts each.  This results in a 4.9 kilowatt system which produces about 20 kilowatts per day.  The panels are paired with Enphase microinverters to maximize production.

Installing Everest Racking
24 solar panels San Jose del Cabo

Gringo Hill

This project involved installation of 24 Suntech panels with Enphase microinverters.  Being close to the beach, the homeowner chose to mount the panels flat on the roof for more protection in case of high winds or a hurricane.  As you can see, the small parapet around the roof with help protect the panels and keep the wind from getting under the panels and creating the “kite effect”.  Many homeowners in the area have chosen to do the same in case of extreme weather.  Although no company can guarantee results in case of a hurricane, our Everest racking equipment is rated for use in up to 100 mph winds.

13 solar panels Cabo Green Power
13 solar panels San Jose del Cabo


This 13 panel project was an initial step for a homeowner who wanted to see how much of his electric bill he could offset without having to invest a lot of money.  But he also wanted to be able to add on to the system if  he was happy with the results.  For this we used microinverters which allow you to place panels on different roof faces and to continue adding to the system as you can afford to do so.  The homeowner was happy with the savings this system brought him and is now figuring out how many more panels he’d like to add.

8 solar panels San Jose del Cabo

El Zacatal

We also offer smaller installations.  As you can see in the photo, this system is composed of only 8 Suniva solar panels.  It’s only a 2.2 kilowatt system but will generate about 9 kilowatts per day – very good for a home this size.  This homeowner also wanted to allow himself room for future growth and may install more panels later this year.

Your Solar Project

Regardless of the size of your solar project, we can help.  We will help you analyze your current usage and recommend energy saving measures you can take.  Then we’ll help you design a system based on YOUR needs, not ours.  We want our customers to be happy with their solar installation so we will never try to sell you more system than you need or want.  But if you’re tired of high power bills and want a renewable energy option that you can feel good about, let us design and install a solar energy system for you.


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