Cabo San Lucas – Beachside

This 34 panel system is grid-tied and has allowed the owners to rent out the house without worrying about the utility bill.  The aluminum frames on the solar panels and the aluminum rails do not rust even in the salty air.

Cabo Green Power 34 panels
Cabo Green Power 34 solar panels
Cabo Green Power 34 panels installation

Pescadero – Off-grid

This off-grid system produces approximately 65kWh per day.  With dual Radian inverters from Outback Power, this system can handle up to 16kW of continuous draw.  The battery bank consists of 12 Simpliphi 3.8kWh batteries for a total bank capacity of 45kWh!  That’s more than enough to run a/c’s and any other loads a modern home would need.  We were able to update most of the existing electrical connections in the solar room.  We also engineered a safe battery busbar and a custom battery rack.  This type of clean, safe and aesthetically-pleasing installation is typical of the systems we install.

Cabo Green Power Pescadero 30 solar panels
Cabo Green Power Dual Radian System
Cabo Green Power Simpliphi battery bank

Cabo San Lucas – Ocean View

This 36 panel system was one of the first to use the 410W panels in the area.  This 14.5kW system generates an average of 73kWh per day!

Cabo Green Power 36 panels
Cabo Green Power solar panels
Cabo Green Power 405W panels

San Jose del Cabo

This system shows how solar can be installed on a difficult or uneven roof.  This community doesn’t allow the panels to be visible from other homes or from the street so great care was taken to make sure that the panels were hidden.  Most of the year, the homeowner has zero utility bill.

Cabo Green Power cut-up installation
Cabo Green Power Full Roof


Not all solar installations have to go on the roof of the house.  This grid-tied system was placed over a parking area pergola.  A steel structure was built over the pergola to properly support the panels.  This is a good solution when the roof either isn’t large enough or isn’t suitable for solar panels.  We can help you with the best placement for your system.

Solar San Jose del Cabo - Cabo Green Power
Finisterra solar - Cabo Green Power


This large installation has helped to virtually eliminate our client’s utility bill.  These 410W panels are mounted on a metal roof and integrated with their existing electrical system.

Cabo Green Power commercial solar
Cabo Green Power commercial solar

Puerto Los Cabos

This is a 38 panel installation located in Puerto Los Cabos.  For a long time many homeowner’s associations wouldn’t allow solar panels because they were considered “unsightly”.  But we are seeing more acceptance of solar technology since the panels don’t require a steep angle here on the Baja due to our lattitude.  This particular system was mounted flat with 20 panels on a roof and 18 more on a pergola (lattice-like covering).  This is a 9.9 kilowatt system and can produce as much as 50 kilowatts per day.

cabogreenpower 38 panel Puerto Los Cabos
cabogreenpower 38 panel

East Cape – Off-grid

This 30 panel solar installation was completely off-grid as there’s no CFE on this part of the East Cape.  The Suntech panels were paired with an Outback inverter and Outback charge controllers.  This fed a Trojan battery bank with a large 16kW generator for backup.  As you can see in the photos, the panels were placed on a slight angle to maximize power production and to minimize the build-up of dust, often called “soiling”.

cabogreenpower 30 panel racking
cabogreenpower 30 panel

Cabo Pulmo – Off-grid

Everything in Cabo Pulmo is off-grid.  That’s part of the charm of this beautiful little town.  But a good off-grid system allows you to live in beautiful areas like this without having to “rough it”.  You can even stay cool in the summer with your air conditioner.  This system also uses the Outback Radian inverter along with the Simpliphi lithium-iron batteries for reliable backup energy.

Off-grid system by Cabo Green Power
Cabo Green Power Outback Solar

La Ribera – Mini grid

This customer asked us to update their existing system that is powered by 150 solar panels.  It’s an AC-coupled system that is also 3-phase and has generator backups.  For this application SMA makes a very good product called the Sunny Island that has been used and proven around the world.  We integrated 3 new Sunny Island inverters into the system.  For backup, we installed 4 Fortress Power eVault batteries which each provide 18.5kWh for a total capacity of 74kWh.  The system requires no maintenance, other than keeping it clean and dust free.  But when it’s cloudy or extra power is required, the generator automatically comes on to power the loads and recharge the batteries.

Cabo Green Power SMA Sunny Islands
Cabo Green Power Fortress Power installation

Your Solar Project

Regardless of the size of your solar project, we can help.  We will help you analyze your current usage and recommend energy saving measures you can take.  Then we’ll help you design a system based on YOUR needs, not ours.  We want our customers to be happy with their solar installation so we will never try to sell you more system than you need or want.  But if you’re tired of high power bills and want a renewable energy option that you can feel good about, let us design and install a solar energy system for you.


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